BP Bunge recognized for good practices in ethics and governance

Awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, the Mais Integridade Seal honored agribusiness organizations from the perspective of the ESG Agenda.

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WOMEN 20.02.2024

BP Bunge invests in actions to encourage women

Through conversation circles and training programs, the company encourages discussions to break down paradigms about the role of women in agriculture

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CULTURE 19.05.2023

BP Bunge Bioenergia directs sponsorship of BRL 2.4 million to cultural projects that bring learning and entertainment to young Brazilians

Initiatives supported by the company contribute to the education, critical sense, inclusion and creativity of children and adolescents in Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Tocantins

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BP BUNGE 07.03.2023

BP Bunge Bioenergia joins the Movement They Lead 2030

Initiative reinforces the company's agenda of commitments for the decade with goals focused on human capital and environmental sustainability

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BP Bunge educational project addresses renewable energy

In partnership with education departments, students from municipal schools produce the book and podcast “A Energia que se Renova”

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BP BUNGE 24.06.2021

Engaged in the Unidos Pela Vacina Movement, BP Bunge donates materials to support vaccination against COVID-19 to 9 municipalities

Donations include coolers for storing vaccines, thermometers, 70% alcohol gel, syringes and needles, and other items

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ITUMBIARA 15.10.2020

BP Bunge Bioenergia donates hospital beds in Itumbiara, in the state of Goiás

BP Bunge Bioenergia will deliver this Thursday, October 15, 10 electric hospital beds.

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POSITIVO 15.10.2020

Grupo Boticário, BP Bunge, and Positivo donate 30,000 litres of alcohol to 50 hospitals from North to South in Brazil

The bioenergy company provided liquid alcohol for bottling by the cosmetics giant, which with a financial donation from the Institute of the educational group produced 350,000 bottles of alcohol to help fight the new coronavirus

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BP Bunge Bioenergia donates seedlings to build forests and restore preservation areas in Goiás

All seedlings donated are produced in BP Bunge Bioenergia's own nursery, at its Ituiutaba unit, in Minas Gerais.

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BURNINGS 29.09.2020

BP Bunge Bioenergia donates firefighting kit to firefighters in Palmas

The firefighting kit consists of a ventilator; flame-retardant backpacks; earmuffs; safety goggles, gloves, masks, balaclavas, and gaiters; hoes, machetes, and rakes, as well as canteens, among other pieces of equipment.

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