Integrated Model


To fulfill our mission of cultivating sustainable energy that moves the world, we have an integrated business model: we work safely, and we are involved in the entire production process of sugarcane to the sale of bioenergy and sugar.

The best agronomic techniques combined with technology applied in the field, such as our integrated monitoring system called SmartLog, guarantees high-precision agriculture, with less environmental impact, lower costs, and better performance.

Our industrial plants have high reliability, efficiency, production flexibility (for sugar and ethanol), and follow international quality standards, with certifications for food safety (FSSC 22000) and product sustainability such as EPA, Bonsucro, RenovaBio and CARB. All our units are certified. We store and distribute our entire production in onebroad and consolidated logistics structure. 

We have a commercial team with distinct market intelligence that ensures the best deals and price opportunities.

We are in the sugar on the cake. In the neutral alcohol of hygiene and pharmaceutical products that use ethanol as an ingredient. In ethanol, which is a biofuel for cars that move cities. In bioelectricity, in the electricity generated from sugarcane biomass.

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