BP Bunge Bioenergia reduces fires by 50% in the last 2 years

With BRL 30 million expected to be invested by 2024, the company is betting on preventive practices, agile combat actions and the help of technology to achieve relevant results related to the issue, with a positive impact on employees, communities and the environment

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BP BUNGE 17.05.2023

The excellence of agricultural management in the bioenergy system

Achieving high levels of productivity, in line with a sustainable development project requires commitment, investment, research and technology.

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BP Bunge aims to eliminate mineral fertilizer use by 2025

The company is expanding the use of bioinputs and organic matter, such as vinasse and compost, for soil and crop nutrition

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BP BUNGE 07.12.2022

BP Bunge promotes technological updating of equipment in the field

Digital transformation project standardizes on-board computers, increases data capture capacity and improves sugarcane logistics management

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BP Bunge improves sustainable practices in its operations

With cutting-edge technology and balanced management, the company reinforces sustainability actions and the commitment to production with a lower environmental footprint

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BP Bunge Bioenergia reduces dependence on chemical fertilizers in sugarcane fields

With a focus on productivity and sustainability, the company expands the use of sugarcane processing by-products for plant nutritional purposes

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BP Bunge CEO attends conference on global carbon market

Mario Lindenhayn highlighted Brazil's leading role in the global energy transition and the importance of the sugar-energy sector for a low-carbon economy

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BP Bunge Bioenergia joins the UN Global Compact

Initiative reinforces the company's 2030 commitment agenda with goals focused on environmental sustainability and community development

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ETHANOL 24.01.2022

BP Bunge Bioenergia obtains international certification that attests to sustainability in ethanol production

Registration of the United States Environmental Protection Agency opens doors for the commercialization of the product in the country

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SEEDLING 20.06.2021

BP Bunge’s Pre-Sprouted Seedlings Center invests in more productive varieties to supply sugarcane

Annual production is 3.4 million sugarcane seedlings, and the average unit cost is up to 50% lower

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