Sustainability 07.12.2022

BP Bunge promotes technological updating of equipment in the field

Digital transformation project standardizes on-board computers, increases data capture capacity and improves sugarcane logistics management

por BP Bunge

One of the largest sugarcane processors in Brazil, BP Bunge Bioenergia continues to adopt solutions in pursuit of high performance, in line with its values ​​of a clean and sustainable operation. This semester, the company took an important step in its digital transformation strategy by updating the technology used in on-board computers.

In September, the renewal of the platform of around 1070 agricultural equipment from CTT (Cutting, Transshipment and Transport) and Tractors began, which now have Solinftec’s MAG-X technology. The replacement and standardization of on-board computers will allow for more precise agricultural management.

“In order to drive the automation of our entire agricultural process, it is necessary to invest in technological infrastructure”, explains Paulo Macedo, Director of Information Technology at BP Bunge Bioenergia. “On-board technology 4.0 brings a better way to manage sugarcane logistics and increases the analysis power of the areas that consume data. It is a new level for logistics”.

In practice, the on-board computers function as an ‘X-ray’ of the field, which receive, process and store data. The reading gathers information about the performance of the machines and the time it takes to perform the activities (cutting, transport, interval for maintenance and supply), among other possibilities. This data is analyzed by SmartLog, the integrated logistics center located in the city of São Paulo, and facilitates decision-making.

The recent partnership signed with TIM, through the 4G TIM no Campo project, will allow results and applications to gain even more speed. With the expansion of connectivity, more resources available in the equipment will be able to be used and, in addition, online monitoring will be expanded to other areas, leveraging other agricultural operations and increasing productivity.

This picture of the operation is also strategic in optimizing and reducing costs in the production chain. With automation, for example, today, at BP Bunge Bioenergia’s 11 agro-industrial units, 150 harvesters are needed to do exactly the same job and in the same area extension as was done three years earlier with twice as many machines.

“Updating on-board computers is a good example of how digital transformation promotes high performance in field management, integrating systems and the various areas involved in the business.  Agile and modern technology solutions bring not only economic benefits, but also social and environmental ones”, emphasizes Paulo Macedo.


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