Corporate 10.02.2023

BP Bunge renews Green Energy Certificate

Seal is awarded to bioelectricity producing plants that meet renewable generation and energy efficiency requirements

por BP Bunge

The BP Bunge Bioenergia plants had their Green Energy Certificate renewed this month by UNICA, the Sugarcane Industry Union, through the Bioelectricity Certification Program. The seal acknowledges the production of electricity from sugarcane biomass.

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Sustainable energy generation has proven to be an important alternative for diversifying the energy matrix, emphasizes Mario Lindenhayn, Executive President and Board of Directors of BP Bunge Bioenergia. “The current energy transition process requires solutions aimed at decarbonizing the economy. The search for renewable sources with a low carbon footprint is strategic to meet the demand for responsible consumption”.

A survey by Cogen – Energy Cogeneration Industry Association, with data from Aneel – National Electric Energy Agency, points out that the installed capacity of electricity from sugarcane biomass reached 12 thousand MW in June, higher than the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant (11,233 MW). The source has become the fourth most important in the Brazilian electricity matrix, behind hydro, fossil and wind.

In this scenario of a future with more clean energy and sustainable production processes is BP Bunge Bioenergia, one of the largest sugarcane processors in Brazil, whose value is to be a world reference in sustainable energy. With 11 industrial units in five states, the company has the capacity to export 1,400 GWh of bioelectricity to the SIN – National Interconnected System –, in addition to producing 1.7 billion liters of ethanol, another important source of energy transition.

The Green Energy Certificate is granted to bioelectricity producing plants that meet renewable generation and energy efficiency requirements. The seal is one of the initiatives of the Bioelectricity Certification Program designed in 2015 by UNICA, in partnership with the Electric Energy Trading Chamber (CCEE) and with the support of the Brazilian Association of Energy Traders (ABRACEEL).


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