Events 03.03.2023

BP Bunge participates in the 7th edition of the Dubai Sugar Conference

We were part of the panel that discussed sugar, ethanol and the future of green hydrogen in Brazil

por BP Bunge

During the week of February 27th to March 2nd, the Dubai Sugar Conference took place, a traditional international event that brings together the main companies and decision makers from across the sector. BP Bunge Bioenergia was present with its commercial team and also participated this Tuesday (28) in the panel: “Here comes the sun: Brazil – sugar, ethanol and the future of green hydrogen”.

Kleber Andrioli, Market Intelligence manager, was one of the panelists who together with Plínio and Guilherme Nastari, president and director of DatAgro; Colin Iles, marketing manager at Viterra, and Gareth Forber, director of sugar market intelligence at LM International, analyzed the possible recovery of the market with the new 2023/24 crop that starts in April in the central south of Brazil.

The panel also discussed what the range of sugar production estimates would be and what could hinder this vision of crop recovery, they highlighted the evolution of ethanol to its second generation and the exciting new development of ethanol transport as a “vector” for the production of green hydrogen.

This is the first in a series of international events that BP Bunge’s commercial team will participate in throughout 2023 and which are part of its strategy to expand export programs and market access.


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