Events 09.03.2023

BP Bunge participates in Datagro’s harvest opening event

The company was present in two panels highlighting the actions for a sustainable and safe operation

por BP Bunge

One of the largest sugarcane processors inBrazil, BP Bunge Bioenergia participated in two panels promoted by Datagro, in Ribeirão Preto, in the interior of São Paulo. The event “Opening the Harvest – Cane,Sugar and Ethanol” brought together leaders to discuss the current moment in thesugar-energy sector and project the 2023/24 harvest, which officially begins in April.

The agricultural director of BP Bunge, Rogério Bremm, attended the meeting “New Technologies: Productivity and Sustainability” and highlighted what the company has been doing in the search for an even more sustainable operation. “Even though w are a three-year-old company, we have adopted various practices, replacing, for example, nitrogen fertilizers in planting. On another front, we are reducing mineral fertilizers based on vinasse, an organic residue from industrial processing”.

For the executive, cleaner and more regenerative agriculture is already a reality in the sugar-energy sector. “Sugarcane is a powerhouse in sustainable use. The amount of by-products derived from the plant helps to increase productivity, reduce costs and, above all, provides environmental gains”.

The gains from a well-structured operation were also among the topics discussed in the panel “Harvest: Methods and control of trampling”, with the participation of Mário Sérgio Salani Junior, Senior Manager of Corporate Agricultural Mechanization at Bunge. During the presentation, Salani specifically highlighted the strategies adopted by BP Bunge to achieve a high performance CTT (Cutting, Transhipment and Transport).

“A set of best practices is essential for high performance. In transshipment, for example, we reduced trampling, so that the transshipment tractors do not travel twice in the same row between the cane rows, in addition to practically extinguishing maneuvers at the head of the plots”, explained Salani. “With this, we reduce fuel consumption and the exposure of employees to tractor traffic in the sugarcane conveyors. We guarantee efficiency aligned with the values ​​of environmental sustainability and safety”.

The seventh edition of Datagro’s “Harvest Opening – Cane, Sugar and Ethanol” marks the beginning of the annual planning of the Brazilian sugar-energy sector. The lectures bring technical discussions related to production and global marketing for the sugar and ethanol market. The event was attended by political leaders, industry, traders, input companies, mills, cooperatives and rural producers.


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