Corporate 20.02.2021

BP Bunge Bioenergia tool, stop work mobilizes the employees collaboration for company security

Specific interruptions of activities carried out by any employee aim to assure more security to the operations.

por BP Bunge

One of the risks reduction program tools of BP Bunge Bioenergia, the Stop Work has already promoted 6,200 specific interruptions of activities since company’s foundation, in December 2019, until the beginning of February 2021, always with the initiative from the employees of any area or position, who are motivated by the company to interrupt their activities, if they observe the possibility of risk for the correction to be carried out and the work to be carried out safely.

“Stimulating the responsibility and authority in safety in all employees is the philosophy of Stop Work. Any company employee who notices that certain activity is being developed in a way to put the integrity of people or the environment at risk is authorized to stop this activity until the corrections to be carried out. And This practice has impacted in and importantly in the accidents’ reduction”, explains Nadia Gama, director of HSSE of BP Bunge Bioenergia.

Actions, such as avoiding that someone drives a vehicle without the safety belt, demand the use of suitable PPE, or adopting barriers and protocols before the beginning of the activities, even if they are routine, but that were created to avoid accidents, protect lives and assure the operations’ stability, are practical examples of how Stop Work works.

The main goal of this tool is to engage the employee in company safety management. “We do not want our employees to be passive agents, but that they lead the safe work performance. We are providing a leading role to all, involving everyone in the safety management, which is our most fundamental value, because it relates to people’s lives and we understand that as an essential factor, that demands care, and that it is above all”, says the director.

Stop Work is developed in parallel with the safety training programs of the company. In addition, BP Bunge promotes other internal communication actions in order to inform how people can identify risks and participate consciously and actively in the safe care measures.

The initiative is also stimulated by the recognition offered to the participants. Monthly, two Stop Work actions are chosen as the best of every one of the 11 branches of BP Bunge Bioenergia. At the end of the year, a great award elects among the nominees the best actions of Stop Work promoted in all the company’s branches.


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