Suppliers 24.05.2021

BP Bunge Bioenergia launches the Allia program, a business platform exclusive for sugarcane suppliers

As a differential, this initiative includes the fixation of the total recoverable sugar (TRS) index, which ensures more predictability to farmers’ revenues

por BP Bunge

São Paulo, May 2021 – With the objective of promoting efficiency and productivity for sugarcane suppliers and building long-term relationships, BP Bunge Bioenergia, one of the largest companies in the bioenergy industry in Brazil, launches the Allia program this May. This initiative offers several benefits with exclusive conditions, such as fixed TRS index for sugar, diesel fuel transfers, access to credit, among others.

As the relationship and partnership with sugarcane suppliers is essential for the company, the Allia program was structured on three pillars: meritocracy, to recognize suppliers for the value they create; partnership loyalty, through partnerships with long-term commercial incentives; and guarantee of sustainability to suppliers, which allows for more stability in business planning.

“Allia is a relationship, incentive, and loyalty program to increase the sustainability of partnerships. We aim for BP Bunge Bioenergia and its sugarcane suppliers toevolve together. We seek services and benefits for them to create long-term alliances that go beyond technology transfer, technical agendas, and recognition. We offer items that reduce risk and generate greater predictability for the business. We are allies on this journey. The success of the program is the success of sugarcane suppliers”, explains Adriano Dalbem, Director of Origination, Logistics, and Supply Chain, BP Bunge Bioenergia.

Among the program’s advantages, the highlight is access to credit for crop handling and sugarcane planting at attractive interest rates; selection and availability of varietal seedlings for planting maternal lines; diesel fuel transfer at competitive prices; agreements with partner suppliers of inputs and services that include benefits obtained by large-scale purchases; barter partnerships that allow the payment of benefits with sugarcane; promotion of technical training events for all steps of crop management; and recognition awards for suppliers who meet quality criteria and targets.

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