ESG Journey guides sustainable development at BP Bunge

Sustainability Report for the 22/23 harvest demonstrates the company's progress in environmental, social and governance aspects

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Sugar Week: BP Bunge presents perspectives on the sugar, ethanol, and electricity markets

At an event hosted by the company, sectoral analyses highlighted Brazil's competitive advantages in the global sugar market and emphasized the central role of ethanol in low-carbon mobility.

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BP Bunge is qualified to supply ethanol for SAF production

With the ISCC CORSIA certification, which attests to the low carbon intensity of the ethanol produced, the company is qualified to supply its ethanol for the production of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

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BP BUNGE 12.09.2023

Bp bunge bioenergia announces changes in its management board

BP Bunge Bioenergia informs Mario Lindenhayn’s decision to retire in January 2024, to dedicate himself to personal projects.

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VALOR 1000 29.08.2023

BP Bunge is elected the best company of bioenergy sector by Valor 1000 yearbook

The company, the big winner of the segment, was recognized by the financial performance and for its actions directed to environmental, social and governance practices

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AGRICULTURE 25.08.2023

BP Bunge consolidates itself in the bioenergy sector with 30% growth in 3 years of operation

Good results are attributed to disciplined financial management and successful integration of the assets that originated business, which made it possible to enhance production capacity

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BP Bunge Bioenergia reduces fires by 50% in the last 2 years

With BRL 30 million expected to be invested by 2024, the company is betting on preventive practices, agile combat actions and the help of technology to achieve relevant results related to the issue, with a positive impact on employees, communities and the environment

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CULTURE 19.05.2023

BP Bunge Bioenergia directs sponsorship of BRL 2.4 million to cultural projects that bring learning and entertainment to young Brazilians

Initiatives supported by the company contribute to the education, critical sense, inclusion and creativity of children and adolescents in Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Tocantins

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2030 COMMITMENTS 14.08.2023

Investments in technology and continuous improvement underpin the sugar and ethanol sector’s challenges in the energy transition

*By Wilson Lucena The debates surrounding the energy transition, currently seen as an undeniable global necessity, have generated great visibility for the sugar-energy sector. This is because biofuels play a central role in this scenario, since their efficiency has been proven in significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Data from the Brazilian Sugarcane […]

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BP BUNGE 17.05.2023

The excellence of agricultural management in the bioenergy system

Achieving high levels of productivity, in line with a sustainable development project requires commitment, investment, research and technology.

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