Technology 23.07.2021

Allia gathers suppliers of cane to exchange knowledge of the market

With a schedule which the main goal is to strengthen the partnerships, Allia promoted the second virtual meeting about market.

por BP Bunge

With a schedule which the main goal is to strengthen the partnerships, broad the results with sustainability and share knowledge, Allia, relationship program of BP Bunge Bioenergia for suppliers of sugar cane, promoted on this Thursday (23), the second virtual meeting about market. The initiative gathered 18 strategic suppliers and was conducted by the market intelligence team, from the Commercial area of the Company.

Among other themes approached is highlighted the ATR 2.0, which is a unique tool in the market and available for the suppliers of cane of Allia, where BP Bunge fixes the portion of sugar cane within 24 months. Assuring more predictability and stability for the business planning. It is the first Brazilian operation of protection to the ATR price fluctuation.

In addition, it was presented a view for this harvest (2021/22) and for the next (2022/23), already based on the impacts of the recent frosts that occurred in the center-south in the last weeks and other climate parameters, such as the hydric deficit for example. It was also presented the forecast for commercial values of ethanol, based on the oil increase and in the fuel consumption and it was also exposed the advantages of the sugar exporting before the dollar decrease.

“These events are a great opportunity of getting to know the market and feel more confident to fixate”, highlighted Nycollas Cestari, sugarcane supplier of Itumbiara (GO) branch. Which, for the Origin manager, Soraya Pires, confirms the growing interest of the suppliers for this type of strategic information and knowledge exchange. “We have a very qualified Commercial area and that offers different information, more and more they get interested what generates a high level of confidence for our suppliers to make the better decisions”.

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